The Art of Ralph Manning
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Digital art
Graphic design
UI & web design

Electronic mail.
MSN Messenger.
Telephone. +44 (0)7753 285 672
Facsimile. Available on request


Name. Ralph Frederick Manning
Pseudonym. Xeophex (zee-oh-fex)
Date of birth. 3rd June 1986
Current Age. 24
Gender. Male
Nationality. White British
Current Location. Plymouth/Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Current occupation. Illustration graduate, freelance illustrator & graphic/web designer

Interests.Typography, glyphs, clouds & the sky, dreaming, pixels, natural history, digital painting, retro video-games, GUI & icon design, rag paper, print finishing, letterpress, animé, Japanese packaging design, electronic music, gothic architecture, photography, roof gardens, kinetic sculpture, calligraphy, really strong magnets

right  BA (Hons) Design: Illustration
University of Plymouth, 2007-2010

right  BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design)
Bristol School of Art, Filton College, 2006-2007

right  Art & Design Advanced VCE (Double Award)
Bristol School of Art, Filton College, 2004-2006

Full curriculum vitae available on request

right  Website design & development (client-side)
right  Interface & icon design
right  Photograph retouching & optimisation
right  Identity design (ideogram & logotype design)
right  Typographical treatment
right  Print: business card, poster, flyer, brochure and sleeve design
right  Digital art & illustration

Software. Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver & InDesign CS5, Maxon Cinema 4D, Microsoft Office Suite
Computer languages. HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript/DHTML implementation, Basic ActionScript

Please email with all enquiries